May 15, 2009

Pranjetto Hills

My mom's long time friend, Tita Myrna, came to the Philippines for a visit from Australia and they planned a trip to one of the resorts in Tanay, Rizal. It was during Mother's Day and Joaqui and I tagged along. It was the first time that I went on an out of town trip with Joaqui alone - no daddy and no nanny. We had fun looking at the scenery on our way to Tanay, Rizal and of course, when Joaqui saw the swimming pool, he immediately wanted to go swimming.

The resort we went to was Pranjetto Hills and is located in the scenic foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains. It has an olympic-size swimming pool, children's pool and other recreational facilities. What attracted us most is the beautiful hotel situated in the resort with a sophisticated roofing design. Tita Myrna said that the roof is very well made, like the ones made by Arvada Roofing in the U.S. The cottages were not too big, but are very cozy with a view of the majestic garden.

In the afternoon, Joaqui and I explored the nature trail and enjoyed the cool air in the many manicured gardens. It was summer, but the breeze is cool and refreshing like during Christmas time. I was glad that we tagged along with my mom and got to see the beauty of Pranjetto Hills and the scenic view of the mountains from Tanay, Rizal. 

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