May 28, 2009

health insurance benefit

There was a commercial on vitamin supplements whose tag line is "you can't get sick" because of expensive healthcare and high cost of medicines. Although many companies offer health insurance as one of their benefits to their regular employees, still some of these health insurances does not give a wide coverage on their members. Health insurance was one of my biggest concerns when I decided to work at home. It was a benefit I used to enjoy at a very miminal cost. When I was working from home, I had to wait for my husband's company to arrange their health insurance benefits.

So I was just so happy and relieved that finally my husband has the health insurance benefit that we have been waiting for. The health insurance company they have is not as big as kaiser permanente, but it offers a variety of health coverage for families. Although it would be better if their plans are comparable to those of kaiser permanente Colorado or kaiser permanente California, the healthcare services definitely meet our financial and health care needs.

Sickness is a certainty of life, but we can take steps to ensure that our lives are taken cared of. We can look after ourselves in an effort to live as long and healthy a life as possible. However, in cases of unexpected events such as sudden illness, it is ensuring that we will be taken cared of, and this is where health insurance comes in. Our health insurance benefits extend to hospitalization, medications, therapy, and other para-medical services that a health condition warrants, and so I am just thankful that we have this kind of benefit. Now it is one aspect of taking care of my family that I would need not to worry so much about.

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B Boys Mom said...

Health insurance is so very important and if you can't get it with work it's very expense.