May 21, 2009

database development

The company I'm working for is currently undergoing major changes in their system, and although it means that I have to again familiarize myself with these changes and the new system, I am glad that they are doing this to speed up production and to ease up on set backs. Even I'm working from home, productivity is still essential in our line of work and my productivity is also dependent on the company's database services.

And one of the critical issues in medical transcription is the transcribed files and voicefiles that needed to be archived and stored in the system, and as these files contain pertinent information on medical records of patients, the addition of filemaker pro is an efficient way of getting the data organized and centralized. We sometimes have doctors requesting for a re-dictation because of missing files and/or dictations that have been missed to transcribe. These are critical as there are patients who would need their previous medical records before a surgery or a procedure, and as medical transcriptionists I believe we are part of the healthcare being provided for these patients.

Database development in medical transcription will aim to make a medium-sized organization like ours more secure and in turn will able to provide a more reliable transcription service to our valued clients. Now it takes a little more time for me to finish all of my work, but as with all the previous changes that the company have gone through, I know that I will be able to learn this quickly. ; )

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