May 23, 2009

boogers' reunion

Boogers is a silly name we call our group of friends way back when I was still working in OTPI and up until now we all remain very good friends. We had a reunion when Connie and Arvin visited the Philippines this month, and we just hang out at The Linden Suites and had fun and catch up on things. Some of us are still working as medical transcriptionists, others worked as nurses and a few have businesses of their own through availment of small business loans

We will miss Arvin and Connie so much and until their next visit, the boogers will have a reunion once again.  


Genejosh said...

cute naman ng name "booger"...

I found your site interesting. Thus, I'm convinced to give you this Interesting blog award. Hope you like it!

CHE-CHE said...

hehe natawa naman ako sa name niyong "booger."

yung high school barkada ko was named "bonggakadayz"