May 26, 2009

senior moment

I don't know if it has happened to anyone, but I totally forgot where I placed my cellular phone the other day. I knew it was around the house somewhere, but I could not find it and so I had no phone for two days. We were out last Sunday and when we went home I remembered placing it in my drawer, but when I was about to use it later, it was nowhere in sight. It was definitely a senior moment.

I think I need lanyards so that I can hang my cell phone around my neck and I will never forget where I had placed it. I could also use this to hang keys and my mom could definitely use beaded lanyards for her eyeglasses.  These beaded larnyards would look fashionable and chic and I'm sure my mom would want to hang these on her neck for her eyeglasses wherever she goes. She likes to wear ornaments and accessories with the latest addition of our Mother's Day gift for her, which is a pink ribbon dazzler bracelet I found on the internet. The company which makes this also develops custom fundraising jewelry which is great for charities and and organizations.

If you were wondering where did I left my cellular phone, well after two days I found it inside our car. Good thing nobody used the car or else I don't know where my phone would have been. 
; ) 


Genejosh said...

he..he..if I forgot where I placed my cel, i would use our telephone to "miss call" it...bad thing if it's "low bat"...thanks for the info...better check lanyard...

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Betty said...

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