May 22, 2009

what an improvement

We recently went to White Rock Resort in Subic and there was such a big improvement in their facilities since the last time I have been there. There are now wave pools and a lot of kiddie pools. There is now a beautiful landscaping with water falls and a kid's camp. When we went here last time about three years ago, it was a little bare and there was nothing much to do except to swim.

They also offer a lot more relaxation time with rooms by the seaside, and according to my brother in law who is their current project manager, the owners of the resort had these rooms especially made to accommodate more clients who would like to enjoy White Rock a little longer. The rooms were big and its meditarranean style suits the well-made roof, which resembles those made by Washington Roofer. With the wear and tear that these roofs have to endure because of its proximity to the beach, it sure needs a reliable roofer to withstand the forces of nature that it will encounter.

We had a grand time at the new improved White Rock Beach Resort and Joaqui enjoyed swimming and jumping on the trampoline in the middle of the sea. The wave pool and playground pool were also a hit among the kids. With summer reaching its end, there is still time to drop by the White Rock and experience a new kind of thrill. ; )

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