May 9, 2009

feeling under the weather

It was a busy week for me and now I am feeling a little under the weather. Lack of sleep is definitely one of the causes, add to that the few days of a rainy weather. And talking about the weather, it just hit me that it would really be so nice if we have one of those garage doors with electric garage door openers, much like the ones installed by Austin Garage Doors. I had to come out of the rain the other day to open the garage gate because hubby left his keys. If we have those automatic garage doors, then there is no need for someone to open the gates manually.

Of course, maintenance is always a concern in installing an automatic garage door opener. But today's automatic openers are equipped with self-adjusting technology, which will adjust the drive tension essentially eliminating the need for wasted time and costly service calls. This type of garage doors are constructed with precisely engineered and lightweight aluminum, giving an assurance of an exceptionally long life span.

And what about its effect on power consumption? Notable amounts of electricity are only consumed while the garage door is in motion, which consists of probably around 10 to 15 seconds. This takes up about 100 watts, which is less than or equal to the modern home computer. Aside from convenience, automatic garage doors offer security with features such as a remote control, fixed wall controller and security light among other things.

I can't believe I actually did some research about an automatic garage door as if I can have one installed. Wishful thinking. It's late and I probably just need to go to bed and rest.

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