February 9, 2009

wacky Joaqui

Age two isn't really that terrible at all. Joaqui is already 2 years, 1 month, 1 week and 5 days old to be exact and he is becoming more and more charming each day. Our little prince knows how to make us laugh with his antics or by imitating our actions. He is a very keen observer and his vocabulary is amazingly growing with three- to four-word sentences. Sometimes though his temperament gets into him especially when he wants to get what he wants. He now loves cranes, big trucks, tractors - anything that is big and moving. 

At age two, our daily conversations would be something like this:

Mommy: You want to eat bread with your hotdog?
Joaqui: Ayaw bread, hotdog lang. Wow! Delicious hotdog!
Mommy: Okay. (Gives him hotdog.)
Joaqui: Yum, yum hotdog!

Or this....

Mommy is reading a book to Joaqui...and Joaqui interrupts.
Joaqui: Snake hurts.
Mommy: Yes baby, but we're not in that part yet. 
Joaqui (after Mommy says "the end": More book pa! Read more book! More pa!

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