February 23, 2009

senior chatting

My mom asked me to help her create a friendster account - which is not really weird if she isn't 66 years old and a senior citizen. Apparently her other friends have a friendster account and she wanted to see their profile and they also wanted to share pictures. I hesitated for a while because teaching her the basics would take a lot of time, but I was happy that at her age, she still wants to learn something about the computer and the internet. I already taught her how to use the e-mail, so teaching her about friendster wasn't quite as hard as I had anticipated.

I did let her browse the internet and she was curious about the Free Senior Chat, which is an online chat room dedicated to seniors who would like to mingle and chat with other seniors. I did not know about that, but she went on to tell me that it also comes with a free webcam chat. Wow, the internet nowadays is really amazing. Not only teenagers and young adults can enjoy the chatrooms, and it's a great idea to come up with a category of chat room for seniors.

I told my mom that I hope they don't just share their common problems with aches and pains usual for their age. I wonder if the seniors here would reminisce about their times or if they would compare today's generation with their generation. The possibilities here are endless because it's free and I told my mom that she can get to chat with people, share thoughts and who knows meet another single senior, but I wouldn't dwell too much on that last one. ; ) It's a pretty safe place to have fun online and I can see on her smile that she is about to join in.


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