February 19, 2009

married community chat

Ever since I got married and had Joaqui, it's sometimes embarassing for me when I start talking and blabbing about married life and taking care of Joaqui to my friends who are single. And it's funny when I notice how my married friends and I seem to have our own private world when we're talking about family life. So when I am both with my married and single friends, I have to really balance out the topics on which I discuss with them.

For a work-at-home mom like me, I sometimes find solace in joining online forums for married women or moms like me where we can talk about our everyday experiences from choosing a good diaper to handling toddler trantrums. When we talk about our married life, there are no awkward moments because everybody seems to understand where everyone is coming from. Sometimes a chat room for married people like Married Chat City is the right venue to ask for ideas and learn from other people's experiences. It is here where married people can meet and chat about stuff that they cannot really talk about with some of their single friends. You can access married users for free at their Married Chat Room. Aside from having fun chatting, you can also use their webcam at no cost at all. Registration is absolutely free, so it's a breeze to join in and start having fun. 

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