February 5, 2009

bus accidents

According to the news, at least 51 workers of the Korean-owned Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Philippines Inc. were injured when a bus they were riding fell into a ravine in Barangay Cawag, Subic, Zambales early morning Tuesday. It was also reported that the bus, which was driven by Jericho Liego, was racing with two other buses heading to Hanjin when the accident happened along the Hanjin access road.

There have been increasing reports of bus accidents happening lately and the passengers are always the victims here. Even if the victims want to file a case against these reckless drivers, they cannot do so because of financial constraints. If only there is an available lawsuit funding here, then there would be more irresponsible drivers behind bars. Lawsuit funding can provide cash advances for pending lawsuits and also has structured settlements and attorney funding. It is absolutely risk-free because you only pay if you win.

But sometimes the problem lies in our authorities. They just take a course of action when something like an accident happens and the media focus is on the issue. After some time, bus companies are able to operate again and the victims still have not received justice at all.

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