February 11, 2009

a day in the park

It was Sunday and we had to leave early from my mother-in-law's house, so instead of going to the mall again, we decided to go to La Mesa Ecopark instead. The weather was cool enough to go walking and we haven't been to La Mesa Ecopark before. The park had many facilities like picnic grounds, boating lagoon, fitness and mountain bike trail and flower terraces. It even has a swimming pool and one can also go for a horseback ride. Joaqui enjoyed the walk along the park. He likes seeing the trees, fishes, and butterflies. Even at an early age, I think he has an affinity with nature.

I hope that there would be more parks like La Mesa Ecopark here in Manila where children can roam around and experience the beauty of nature, and where people can take a stroll and be one with God's wonderful creations.

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"Q" said...

i always plan to go here pero di natutuloy. pagbakasyon uli namin. what are the activities there? may bike rental ba?