February 16, 2009

Joaqui's I love you

Today is Joaqui's "I love you day" because he actually said I love you. We have been saying I love you to Joaqui since he was born, but even when he learned to talk, he doesn't say the words "I love you" though. We never knew why, but he just doesn't say it. I've read somewhere that children of Joaqui's age doesn't really understand what this means. He can say, "Mommy, love Pong" (his Twilight Turtle) or "Love Troy" (our dog), but he cannot really say I love you mommy or I love you daddy.

But today while playing alone, he just said "Love you Chelsea." I laughed and was surprised because Chelsea is his playmate and walkmate. I said say I love you mommy. He just looked at me. I might just have to wait for my turn. ; ) 


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