February 23, 2009

a proud mommy moment

We attended another birthday party and as some of you might know, Joaqui has a little issue with attending birthday parties. It's not that he doesn't like birthday parties, but it takes a while for him to warm up to the crowd, the noise, the sometimes-popping-of-the-ballon moments, and the high-pitched voices of party hosts, so he doesn't really come around easily.

So there we were, infront of the clubhouse and he doesn't want to go inside yet when we came. We walked a little and I did a little prep talk. We saw a booth giving out french fries and that really helped because he readily went inside the venue. What was different was that he readily danced to the music, greeted a lot of people with hi and hello and there were no crying episodes.

What made me really proud of Joaqui was when we won a prize for the treasure hunt and the party host asked him some questions that went like this:

Host: What's your name?
Joaqui: Joaqui
Host: How old are you?
Joaqui: Two!
Host: Where do you live?
Joaqui: Cainta!
Host: You're very good!

And when it was time to give out lootbags, I accompanied him to fall in line and I told him to say happy birthday Jacob. So when it was his turn, he said "happy bortday Jacob" through the microphone. I'm so proud of my baby!

A little patience did help a lot and I hope that this is the start of a fun relationship betweenJoaqui and birthday parties...or any other party for that matter. ; )



ALTHEA / THEA said...

your little boy is so cute sis! :)

Chris said...

smy little girl is just like that too. it takes a while for her so she can warm up.... she is now 5 years old. she doesnt really like parties and joining games. she doesnt like loud noises too... its a challenge but slowly she tries to adjust and adapt! they call it slow to warm up temperament.... and they say, that this kind of kids are really bright..

well, see you around...