February 27, 2009

Mommy Moments - Bonding Time

This is my first time to join Mommy Moments and I am excited to share on this week's topic which is bonding time. Ever since I became a work-at-home mom a year ago, I am always with Joaqui and everyday is a bonding time for us - from waking up to the time that he goes to bed. We walk around the subdivision every morning, we play games, read books and do a whole lot of activities together.

But there are activities that he really enjoys and I consider that a bonding time for us as a family as well. Since we had set up a backyard inflatable swimming pool last summer, he enjoys swimming a lot. Whenever there is a chance, we would go swimming. I also love to swim, so Joaqui and I really enjoys our time in the water.

First time at the beach, March 2007, Bataan

Swimming at the indoor pool at Linden Suites, October 2008

I would also consider our recent trip to the LaMesa Ecopark as a bonding time, as we all had fun walking around the park, looking at the different trees, plants and flowers, watching the fishes and touching the butterflies. It seems that Joaqui has an affinity with nature even at his young age.

These are wonderful bonding times for us and if you also have mommy moments to share, click here.


sweetytots said...

my daughter loves swimming too.. nice pics..
Please visit my entry here

SASSY MOM said...

My kids are addicted to swimming... my eldest nga -- she's soo tanned na she can't recover from being sunburned all the time.

Nice photos.

Elizabeth said...

wow, ganda ng shots!
pareho pala tayong work at home mom pero ako kasi, I only work pag me projs. I have lots of bonding time with my kids. esp pag pasyalan na.
your son looks contented being taken care of by you! :)

Genejosh said...

love to set up our own inflatable swimming pool ...but we don't have space...nice bonding time

Lynn said...

I think I lost my comment.
Anyway I was saying this is also my first time to join MM. It's fun doing this.

And most of our family activities is going on a swim too. Linden is one of our favored metro get-away. :)


Chris said...

swimming... :) who wouldnt want to go swimming especially that summer has arrived!

welcome to mommy moments jeng!

by the way, what kind of work do you do at home?

Jona said...

nice pics!
hope you visit my entry too :)