July 29, 2009

when it rains it pours

It happened to me again. When it rains, it pours and not only does it happen with blessings. Sometimes it happens with trials and challenges also. As our phone line had no dial tone last week and no repair man was in sight, we had to go to the house of my in laws so that I can work. They had good internet connection and all I had to bring was my laptop computer. It was quite a long drive going there and as we were on our way, our car air conditioning failed. It was really hot that day, so we had to travel all the way to Valenzuela City from our place without cool air. Even if we opened the windows, it was still hot. But I guess good things still happen to good people because a neighbor of my in laws who was a mechanic was there when we arrived. He also has a small auto mechanic shop and he has the parts that our car needed. In fact, he also now has diesel parts, air conditioning compressor and more. Our car's air conditioning was repaired before we went home two days after. And as the challenges came one after another, the solutions to these challenges came with the help of some really good people. Apparently after six days of waiting, our phone line was repaired and it was such a relief. It was quite difficult for us without the internet connection and I can work from home again.

Sometimes my first reaction when something goes wrong is to be irritated or annoyed, but thinking about the past week, it made me think that sometimes I just really have to wait and be patient to be able to think clearly on what I can do about the problem, rather than being a problem myself. ; )

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