July 10, 2009

Mommy Moments - Pouting Face

I don't know if the pictures below would fit in this week's theme for Mommy Moments. I was looking through Joaqui's pictures and these are the best I can come up with him pouting. I tried to take a picture of him pouting, but he would not cooperate. Joaqui is such a happy baby and he would only pout or cry when he is having a bad mood, which is not often, or when he is not feeling well.

More pouting faces at Mommy Moments here.


shydub said...

Naka pout na may kasamang mustache hehehe, ang cute, parang natutuwa siya naka pout face lol.

nel's bebi said...

pwede pa rin! nakakagigil si joaqui, pdeng pakagat? hehehe

and happy birthday nga pala! enjoy your day!

mine's here: http://elapot.wifespeaks.com/2009/07/lips-poutin.html

Chris said...

he is such a cutie... i think your photos can be considered na rin :D

Genejosh said...

cutie cute cute Joaqui..cute naman with the moustache..he..hee..love the 3rd pics..cute pouting lips..
I have something for you HERE. Hope you like it...

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pehpot said...

oh my! he is so adorable specially the last photo!

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Jona said...

hi jeng! may mustache pa hehe!

have you seen my entrieslately? thanks!