July 20, 2009

the importance of rewarding employees

I am so proud of hubby for having been recognized by their company for a job well done. This shows that the employer reinforces the actions and behaviors they want to see people repeat. This way, employees respond well to incentives and to recognition for doing especially good work, and it is a sign that the employer appreciated the effort the employee made. Rewards do not have to be expensive like a large formal party or bonuses, although a financial reward would truly be encouraging, it does have some disadvantages.

Rewarding employees can be done in many other ways like taking the staff out to dinner, distributing a bag of groceries or fruit basket, or purchasing a gift card. This looks like a simple thing to do, but somehow it does keep an employee motivated. It is important to note that employees who contribute to meeting organizational goals or who improve the the efficiency, effectiveness, and economy of the company can be rewarded. Awards should be used as a tool to recognize past performance as well as motivate employees to continue high peformance.

Non-monetary rewards are more varied and unique than cash awards and offer two major advantages over cash rewards; they help meet employees' needs for recognition, growth and responsibility. While telling employees they are appreciated should be obvious, an employer should be specific about what they really liked, so that they not only feel appreciated but can do it again.

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PHWP_Online said...

It seems like your husband is fortunate enough to work for an organization that promotes psychologically healthy workplace practices!

You make some great points. Not only does acknowledging employee efforts increase employee satisfaction, morale, and self-esteem but it can help the organization by creating greater employee engagement and productivity, lower turnover and the ability to attract and retain top quality employees.