July 22, 2009

an addition to the family

Joaqui will soon have a cousin! My sister-in-law is currently pregnant and everyone in hubby's family is really happy. We don't know yet if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl, but my sister-in-law and I are already excited to buy baby stuff. She asked me for advice on the essential baby gear that she needs to purchase and I told her that she will have to buy onesies, tops and socks because the baby will need them right away. I also adivsed her to look for a good crib, preferably with a changing table to put in the nursery. And since I am really excited for the new baby, I have been searching online for body suits and bibs to give to her. While browsing online, I also saw some really cute stuff for Joaqui like Sponge Bob underwear and a pink robe for one of my god children. It will be perfect as a Chistmas gift!

I also told my sister-in-law that as early as now, she can already shop for activity sets like a walker and a playpen. Joaqui used to have a playpen and he used that a lot. My hubby plans to give the future baby children's books like Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown because we both believe that you can instill a love of reading to children as early as they are born. A lot of people usually give educational toys as gifts to babies or children and those are great presents, but I also prefer creative toys to encourage the artistic mind.

Right now, I just told her to take care of her health because the baby will depend on her for nutrition. Fortunately she has not had a difficult first trimester and her pregnancy is progressing wonderfully. We are just happy for them and we are praying and hoping for a bouncing healthy baby in a few months' time.

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