July 13, 2009

PC retirement

Our desktop computer is getting slow, sometimes real slow. Its memory sometimes fail because of the used space as we store pictures and other pertinent data regarding my work in our desktop. Although we have added an external drive for the pictures, still sometimes while I am working and I open a lot of files, I get bored waiting to upload and download files.

If budget is not a question, we would have opted to buy a MacBook Pro as the Mac laptops are slim and sleek and the 13-inch MacBook boasts of two different processor configurations. The MacBook Pro is really hard to resist with its aluminum unibody enclosure, advanced longer-lasting battery and enhanced LED-backlit display. A lot of hubby's friends also say that it is easier to edit photos using the MacBook. And as a medical transcriptionist, the keys are curved to perfectly fit fingers and the keyboard is illuminated helping you type even in low-light settings.

Of course as with all gadgets, it does not come without disadvantages like, for example, Macintosh computers cannot be personalized as easily as personal computers, but I think this would only affect the sincere gaming enthusiasts. For its simplicity and attractiveness, the high-end features definitely outweigh the disadvantages.

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Dana Telecom said...

I need more review to buy it. :)