July 22, 2009

tantrums and discpline

I now realize that being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs, especially when I have to impose rules on a 2-1/2-year-old child. Lately Joaqui has been throwing tantrums right and left for no apparent reason at all. Well, there is a reason - when he wants something, but he just can seem to wait and has been impatient most of the time. I felt really bad yesterday when I had to hit his hands because he threw his water tumbler on the dining table while we were eating. It sent some food and plates crashing on the floor.

I said to myself that I will never hit or spank my child, but it seems that I really lost control on that incident. However, after I hit his hands (which was not quite hard), I explained to him my reason for doing so. I am now researching on the better ways to discipline Joaqui. I do not want the hitting to happen again. I have read about "time outs" and other types of reinforcement. Hopefully I would have a better way of disciplining him the next time he throws a tantrum.

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