July 7, 2009

the best deal on used cars

The blogosphere has really added me new friends and I just received an email from a blogger friend who just moved to UK from Malaysia. She was having a difficult time adjusting as it was really a new world for her. Her previous email was about how she wanted to have a car to use to and from work in the hospital, but she still cannot afford a new one. She was not so sure about buying used cars, but I told her not to worry and I will try to search a UK site for her where she can get superb deals on used cars and new cars.

I gave her the site BuyYourCar and she immediately checked it. She cannot believe on the thousands of cars on their list which are below the typical list price. She was so happy because she found a bargain on used Audi cars that she will definitely buy. All the while she was getting frustrated on finding the right car for her, and she is just delighted that there is a site like BuyYourCar. It definitely made life easier for her, at least in her search of a car. She says their selection is the best she have come across and will definitely recommend it to her friends who are not only looking for used cars but also car lease as well. I am happy for her and I bet her next email would be about the places she had been to with her new wheels.

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