March 9, 2009

Ten-Ten-Te-Ten! (bring back your W@Wie memories)

In celebration of W@W 10th year anniversary, John Rana created a tag for former W@Wies to answer. I was tagged by Joanne and here it goes:

1. Your W@W tenure (indicate the year and/or month).

I think it was January or February 2005.

2. Best W@Wie idea you picked up and used for your wedding.

DIY stuffs like guest sheets, guest tags, etc.

3. Most active W@Wie groom in your batch.

Andrew, who is the husband of my former office mate.

4. Funniest/most memorable w@w egroup moment.

Concon's post regarding a "flowerist." ; )

5. Most active/helpful w@wie in your batch.

Jacque and Mec

6. Favorite w@w event (event/year)

The W@W Grand EB on August 28, 2005

7. Favorite w@wie wedding (aside from yours)

One of my favorites was Jacque and Simon's wedding

8. W@W souvenir/keepsake you still have in possession (i.e. books, calendar, shirt, buttons)

shirt, button and keychain

9. Your w@w BFF(s)

Concon, Rhea, Ayn and Jacque because we stil see each other up to now.

10. Your w@wie signature

Jeng ni Jeff
February 12, 2006


"Q" said...

wow jeng, were you at jacque and simons wedding? i was there. cool!

i'm not a w@wie, but jacque is my friend.

jacque said...

sis!!! katouch naman yun. favorite mo wedding namin?! naks, friend talaga. ahehe. muah! alabyu! :)