March 3, 2009

Joaqui likes Andie

This was taken when we hosted our little group's eat along and I think one of the few moments that Joaqui would actually want to hug a little girl ; ) Joaqui is a little snob when it comes to touching, kissing or hugging other children, but I think he likes Andie. Before we went to bed that day, he also said, "Like Andie." Well, Andie is such a pretty little girl, and I'm not surprised Joaqui would like to hug her.


Rhea said...

Sis!!! Kakatuwa naman ito! :) Hahaha :) Si Andie naman, conservative, ayaw magpahawak! Hahaha :) Joaqui is so cute!! Kakagigil! :)

By the way, sarap ng food, super!! Galing mo magluto!! Kakainggit! :) Sa susunod ulit ha. :)

Nap said...

Ahahaha, react agad ang mga magulang ni Andie! :-)