March 19, 2009

a wedding and a silver lining

When we were at my cousin Liway's wedding last Sunday, it made me reminisce our wedding day. I remembered the time I was walking down the aisle, the ceremony and the reception - everything was perfect. When I congratulated Liway for a wonderful wedding, I was flattered that she told us that she was inspired by our wedding. She was thankful for Weddings At Work just as I was when we got married.

The wedding also reminded me of the unused wedding gifts that we received, including a good set of silver cutlery. I have been wanting to use them, but my mother insisted that we keep it for use on special occasions. I was thinking of replacing our old cutlery with something more elegant for everyday use. I like changing our plates and silverware every now and then, usually depending on my mood. This time I am in the mood for elegance.

The silver cutlery given to us was of good quality. It is well made, well balanced and would last for years with relatively little care, which are things to remember when choosing good cutlery. My mom also told me about the traditional cutlery patterns and finishes. If you will be buying silver or stainless steel cutlery, keep in mind that if it is properly made, you can use them comfortably every time. There are also patterns and finishes that have stood the test of time and if they are sized and weighed accurately, they should be comfortable to hold.

The material of authentic sterling silver cutlery consists of at least 92.5% pure silver and copper is added for extra strength. Exquisitely good looking, durable and heavy sterling silver cutlery usually comes with an identification stamp and could be handed down from one generation to the next. If you would be spending money on these, have a look for understated, time honored, elegant styles.

Most of the time, we don't pay much attention when buying cutlery because it is such an everyday item of use. But if you think about it, it should be something that will really last, and also something that will suit our lifestyle and match the rest of the tableware. So if you happen to be buying cutlery, it is a good idea to invest not just money but enough time while choosing cutlery, with focus on the designs, material and prices.

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