March 5, 2009

on our own

There are times that I really wanted to move out of my mom's house and have a place of our own. It's not that my mom is difficult to live with (well sometimes), but I just want to experience living on our own, what it would be like for me to totally take care of the household. Sometimes I also dream of having our own house - my kind of house. I want a big house with a spacious lawn, but most importanly I want a house with a beautiful modern kitchen such as these:

I like a kitchen where I can work comfortably with pieces of modern kitchen equipment, a big oven, stainless kitchen sinks, and beautifully crafted kitchen cabinets. I can imagine myself cooking and preparing our meals in my modern kitchen. It's one of my favorite things to do also, I call it "house shopping" but not actually shopping for a house. I just like to look at different houses when we pass by villages or subdivisions. I would take note of the house's characteristics because it's something that I would want if we get to have our own house someday.

I mentioned that I wanted a house because although there are many condominium-type abodes that are available, I like the idea of having a lawn, just like my parents' house, because Joaqui likes to run around it. And a lawn may also put my green thumb into practice, so I can plant trees and flowers and maybe some vegetables in the backyard. Maybe living on our own would take a few more years to become a reality, but I do not mind that much because my mom is just delighted to have Joaqui around. Besides, small home improvements around here are more affordable right now. ; )


Joanne MV said...

In celebration of W@W 10th Anniversary, here's a tag to reminisce our W@Wie days -

Genejosh said...

wow ...we share the same to have one of the kitchen you posted here.