March 27, 2009

credit card deals

I used to own three credit cards and since I have been a work-at-home mom, I just maintain one credit card for major purchases. I did not apply for the other two credit cards. It was sent to me because, according to the sales agent, I was preapproved to be granted one.

Since we will be preparing for Joaqui's school expenses next year, we are trying to get the best deals out of our credit cards. There are numerous credit card companies out there, and at first I thought they were all the same until I came across an article on searching for the best credit card and found out about the important features of credit cards which I should know about like interest rate, balance transfers, reward points, etc.

I examined our credit card statements and the other perks offered by these particular credit cards. I was disappointed that I have not even claimed the bonus points I earned from using this credit card. Sometimes I just don't pay attention to these details that I tend to overlook them. I also took notice of gas cards being offered by some companies. It is said that gas credit cards are more appropriate for those who travel a lot and buy a lot of fuel. Since we own a car and prices of fuel always go up, this may help us cut cost on our fuel expenses. But then we have to go to a particular gas station to avail of the discounts.

In any of these credit cards, I learned that the best among these are still the ones with low interest, and balance transfer and cash back options on purchases of merchandise. But the most important lesson here is how we use these credit cards. If we use them wisely, we do not end up paying month after month on debts that using relentlessly on these credit cards have created.

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