March 3, 2009

you changed my life

Yes, hubby and I watched the movie "You Changed My Life" starring Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz. I was lucky that hubby agreed to watch this movie because he is really not into those kind of movies, but I really wanted to see something light, something that will not get me into thinking about it after I watched it.

I find the movie funny. The story may be a little shallow, but it was sweet. And if I really do think about it, commitment entails not just love but time, and it is important that you have the same priorities and values with someone you love. So if for example you are an LDS, and your priorities and values are important to you, finding someone to spend the rest of your life with maybe quite a challenge.

But if you are persistent enough to find your soul mate, you can participate in an LDS chat where you can speak to other LDS who have the same values and beliefs. You have nothing to lose because you can register for free and you have a chance to do a webcam chat also for free. It is a great way of expanding one's horizon in the dating scene and also buy time to know someone better before meeting them personally. Of course, it doesn't all end there. Relationships need effort from two people to make it work in which you can both say, "you changed my life in a moment...and I'll never be the same again."

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