March 10, 2009

going back to driving school

This is not uncommon these days, accidents on the road happening because of use of gadgets while driving. It used to be the cellular phones only, but now I think even laptops, PSP and portable DVD players are a nuissance to drivers. It takes away their full concentration on driving. I don't often drive, but I am very insistent on my husband that he does not use the cell phone while driving or he has to stop if he has to call or text someone.

The seriousness of car accidents due to these gadgets extend not only the driver, but also to his passengers and the other people that the vehicle might come in contact with. We have seen many tragedies happened because of irresponsibility. If we go back to the root of it all, I think that all drivers should undergo training from a reputable driving school. Take for example driving schools in Sydney, which prepares all their students for the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) and provisional driving test, and these should also be applicable to new drivers here including drivers of public utility vehicles.

Most car accidents can be avoided if drivers have enough knowledge of responsible driving including traffic signs and regulations. Taking this into consideration, the next time I would take a refresher course of my driving lessons, I would be more informed and avoid being one of the statistics.

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