March 20, 2009

Mommy Moments - Siblings/Cousins Bonding

Happy Friday everyone! I'ts time for Mommy Moments and what I will share today are pictures of Joaqui with some of his cousins - his 2nd cousins actually because he is the only baby on both sides of our family at this time. He does not see his 2nd cousins too often, but we always make it a point that he get to see them during birthdays and other family occasions.

Joaqui with Kuya Rap-Rap at Alyssa's 1st birthday party. When we go to my in-laws' house and Rap-Rap is there, they would usually play together.

Joaqui giving his gift to Ate Angel during her 7th birthday.

Joaqui at his Ate Alaena's 3rd birthday. He is also fond of Ate Alaena.

Here he is again playing with Kuya Rap-Rap.

For now while Joaqui still has no little brother or sister, he enjoys spending time with his cousins and I hope that he will develop a close relationship with them as they grow up.


SASSY MOM said...

Ahh, they're so cute to look at. Im sure they will grow up as close.

Hazel said...

lovely birthday party photos. when kids bond it's always a joy to see.

Genejosh said...

he has all the attention as of now as he's the only baby on both sides...mine is the only baby on my side but after 7 months he'll have his cousin...have a nice day!

pehpot said...

awww.. very nice
cousin time photos.. me too hopes that when the kids are older they would be close with their cousins..

Make or Break

Chris said...

its great to let our kids spend some time with their fellow kids... especially relatives. this will boost their confidence and help in social skills as they grow..

thanks for sharing your pics!

Lynn said...

These are the kinds of wonderful memories the children will fondly recall when they are all grown up.


Jona said...

birthday parties are a nice way to bond :D
btw, got awards for you grab it when you get the chance.
have a great day!

Mommy Phebie said...

hope to meet ur joaqui too with my Princess..hehhehehe