October 14, 2008

it's all in a day's work part 2

Again these are errors or bloopers made by medical transcriptionists and these are from actual transcriptions that I have edited. Part 1 can be found here.

He was recently cutting the grass and breaking (raking) leaves. - Makes sense, cut the grass and break the leaves...

…also saw Dr. X in the past who administered injuries (injections) in the knees with reasonably good relief of symptoms. How can a doctor administer injuries?

... and shared that she has a lot of stress with her kid that have been killed and her daughter has _________ for (kids and her grand kids and her daughter's failed marriages.) - There is only thing I can say...NOSEBLEED!

The pain along the legs (neck) radiates to the shoulders and to the arms with tenderness and weakness of the arms. - This MT should really clean her ears more often.

She still has __________ borrowed from her brother. (She still has good control of bowel and bladder). - Makes me sigh and say....NOSEBLEED again!

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