October 12, 2008

searching made easy

We are starting our application for Canada as immigrants and are completing the required documents. I had no idea that it would be so difficult to get birth certificates from the NSO office. My mom also needed my dad's death certificate for the Social Security System and we had to wait in line, which was sooooo long and had to bear the scorching heat. My brother informed us that we can now get birth certificate or death certificate through the NSO Helpline Plus. It would be much more convenient, but then the price would be three or four times than that of getting it from their office.

I hope that our government will continue to improve their service with regard to getting documents. I now wonder how those living in the far away provinces get their important public records. In the U.S., there is a database available which you can use to recover death certificates no matter in which state you live in. It uses a direct data retrieval process and is easily accessible at a cheap price, without the hassles of going through long lines or hurting your pocket. We need something like this which will definitely make public records search a breeze and not a horrible experience for us.

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