October 14, 2008

information overload

As early as now, Jeff and I are already planning a major vacation in summer of 2009. Joaqui will be old enough then to come with us on our really first family vacation. We are thinking of going to a beach in Bohol or Boracay or, if our budget permits, a trip out of the country like Hongkong or Thailand. As usual, whenever I am searching for something, I go to the internet first and search different websites - which led me to a hundred different websites that I had an information overload. Sometimes it is really hard to discern if the the information on a certain website is reliable or if I am really getting the facts that I need.

I searched for a site that reviews websites and found talkreviews - which is basically a site where internet users can give opinions about their favorite or least favorite websites in several countries. It is very informative because it also provides traffic stats and page ranks, and it is us users who will give first-hand experience about it. I tried it myself and registered so that I can post a review in their users reviews section. I was able to read descriptions of the websites without having to click all of them, at least I can narrow my search to the sites I think would be most useful for me. I was also able to find out the top websites in the Philippines and in other countries. I was even surprised that Friendster was not on top of the list for the Philippines..hahaha. I thought every Filipino has a friendster account! Anyway it was fun using talkreviews and I even reviewed my own website. You just got to try it for yourself to see how it works. ; )

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