October 14, 2008

my baby is growing up fast

Our litte baby is growing up so fast. It seems like only yesterday that he was dependent on us for everything, but now he wants to do things by himself. He walks fast now, just like his dad, and loves to play "habulan" and hide and seek. He has a contagious laugh that shrieks throughout our house. He knows the types of vendors who pass by our street like the fish vendor, vegetable vendor and suman vendor. He would shout "isda," "gulay" and our favorite "suman" with his toy pail on his arm, walking around our living room as if he was selling them. He has his own chair in the house and would sit infront of the television like a "don." He knows some of the names of the restaurants like Jollibee, McDonald's, Max's and Chowking, and can pronounce SM Megamall like an adult. He says "type" when playing with the computer keyboard and would casually say "work" while typing and looking at the monitor. He would make pa-cute to salesladies and lady waiters waving hello and hi and would shout "guard" with all his might when he sees one. He is becoming more and more a handful and more and more of a growing little boy....

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