October 17, 2008

locating area code

Christmas is almost here. I can smell that coolness and crispness in the air. Christmas also means keeping in touch with our family and friends who live outside the Philippines and greeting them Merry Christmas. Both Jeff and I have relatives and friends in the U.S. and Canada and although we can communicate via chat or email, nothing beats a phone call and personally hearing their voices.

But there are times that I am confused with phone numbers and area codes that I cannot seem to get it right. Locating an area code is difficult if there is no list to look up to. When my cousin from Wisconsin called, I asked her about this and she referred me to a website that lists all active area codes and their locations. Whether I will be looking for my Tita Linda's number in California or Tita Nene's number in New Jersey, this area code locator will point me to the right number to dial.

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