September 14, 2008

it's all in a day's work

As a medical transcription editor, I often encounter errors made by medical transcriptionists that sometimes really make me laugh. I have compiled some that I hope you will find funny too. we are going to check his "blood bladder (gallbladder)" - hmmm...ang konti naman ng blood nito

I have, kind of a, "got feeling (gut feeling)" that he is going to have - ano daw?!

…and the change in the stools with somewhat lighter color and being a little bit more "brilliant (buoyant)" - shining, shimmering, splendid ang poop!

actually assaulting another resident knocking out "a two (tooth)" - a one, a two, a three?

No "stool length (stooling)" concerns voiced. - pano nya nasukat?...hahaha

We will continue to monitor "stool length (stooling) frequency" and follow up as needed - inulit pa!

Her heart is regular sinus rhythm without "any history of spur (an S3 or S4)." - kelan pa nagkakalyo ang heart?...tsk,tsk,tsk

He played some basketball a couple of days ago and "rode (rolled)" his foot. - can you imagine that? sinakyan nya ang paa nya!

He came down after retrieving a rebound and "rode (rolled)" his foot on another gentleman's foot - mwahahaha...inulit pa sa ibang tao!

She seems to be having difficulty keeping her "training pot (train of thought)" on her main problem - afraid naman ako dito...

And I'm sure there will be more of these next time.

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anna said...

LOL...just can't stop laughing! thanks for sharing. Have a great week ahead :)