September 2, 2008

wacky weekend

Wacky weekend tag by Joanne ; )
Thank God for weekends! Last Friday, me, hubby and Joaqui had dinner at Mom & Tina's Cafe with fellow n@wies Con, Jacque and Rhea and their hubbies and babies. It was not really a planned get-together but it was fun. We really had a good time plus the food was superb at Mom & Tina's. It was a little chaotic with four toddlers in tow...could you imagine?! It was like having a mini children's party in one table. It was a fun time where our hubbies talked about cameras, taking care of children and all sorts of stuff while some of us (well, it was mostly me and Jeff) took turns in going out because Joaqui wanted to go up and down on a flight of stairs...and soon the other tots followed. Hahahaha....

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