September 7, 2008

my first abstracting job

Here's the continuation on my attempt on abstracting. The first post can be read here.

After four days, I received an email informing me that I had passed the prequalifying examination. At first I was quite hesitant to start on this because I was not quite in the mood yet. I thought that I would just have a difficult time and it would be a waste of my effort, but then I decided to give it a try. I asked for journal assignments and they gave me 9 articles to work on. Below is a sample of the article.

I was surprised because the first article was 26 pages long! I was staring on my computer screen for about 20 minutes thinking how would I start. I opened the manual they gave us during the training and went through some of the pages. I scanned the article and attempted to write an abstract. It took me an hour to write the first two sentences! After three hours, I actually finished three abstracts. The next day I tried finishing the remaining six and submitted my work for their review. On that same day, I received an email from the reviewer stating the revisions I had to make. Again I was surprised because I only had to do minor revisions like rephrasing a sentence or changing an opening phrase, etc. In fact, two of my abstracts were without any revisions at all. ; ) I now actually enjoy this work a little because the topics on the journals were interesting (although I do not actually read the whole journal, I just scan them for information). I also feel good because I think I did well for a first timer (nyaaaks!). I had finished the second set of journals (which were weird photographs--yes, they also do abstracts on images and photos) and wait for the feedback, so I still would wait and see if this is something I can do on a long term even on a part-time basis.

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