August 22, 2008

abstracting and Chili Willy's.

There was a buzz among fellow n@wies just three weeks ago about home-based jobs and although I am already working home based as a medical transcriptionist, I am still open to other opportunities that I can do at home. Agnes posted something about being a home partner abstractor and this got me interested quite a bit. I have heard of this type of job and there were fellow MTs who were abstractors before, but I really have no idea of what they do. So I decided to try and emailed my information sheet and the required essays, and I was lucky enough to be included in the free training program yesterday. It was not as simple as I thought it would be. Abstracting is objective writing and an abstractor has to be direct to the point in writing the needed information from the articles. The training lasted for a day, and there was still a prequalifying examination. We will be informed on Thursday if we pass the prequalifying evaluation. I am ready to take this challenge if ever I would pass the exam as I know that as with all jobs, it would be difficult at first but practice makes perfect. Good luck to me!

After a day of information overload, I asked my hubby to have dinner at Chili Willy's at Robinson's Pioneer. I have read it here and since we are both suckers for Mexican food, we decided to try it out. It is located at The Forum Al Fresco and since we do not frequent this mall, we had to find our way there and somehow got lost...duh! We ordered Calamares with Green Chili Aioli Dip and Texican Combo Plates of Baby Back Ribs with Mexican Crab Cake and Grilled Pork Chop with Chicken and Chorizo Enchilada. My meal wouldn't be complete without dessert and we had Mexican "Mock Fried" Ice Cream Choco-Hazelnut. Their food was yummy! They also have a lot of food choices. I was raving about the Mexican crab cake because it was soft and tasty. Jeff liked the Enchilada and the "Mock Fried" ice cream. Chili Willy's is definitely worth checking out. While eating, we were already planning our next visit there and the food that we will order next...hahaha. Now writing this blog entry makes me hungry ; )

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Me, the islands and the world said...

hi Jeng, thanks for visiting my blog..kaya nga sumali ako sa litratong pinoy para mahasa ang pananagalog ko hehehe! ok lang ba..nakakautal pero gusto kong umayos at matuto. btw, i've studied MT with MTC for a few months but got sidetracked due to time constraints and pati na rin, discouragement. Am thinking of getting back at it again as parttime. Pero, I got intrigued with your abstracting job. How does it work? pwd sumali? :D I need addtional income kasi:)