August 10, 2008

while mommy was sleeping

Since Joaqui's previous yaya left, I was the one who is putting him to sleep, and so even with a new yaya (yes, we have a new AND better yaya) Joaqui still prefers me to put him to sleep. It is then that I discovered the early indications what Joaqui would become when he grows up during our before-going-to-sleep routine. When it's bedtime and he had his milk, we would play a little and then I would pretend that I am asleep and would just watch him secretly. My son never fails to amuse me with his antics before he dozes off. I don't know if he tires himself to sleep or bores himself until he falls asleep...; )
Joaqui can become a doctor. He has early fascination with anatomy. While I am quietly lying down and pretending to be asleep, he would identify body parts by poking my eyes, touching my lips or checking my nostrils (this one is a little gross).
Joaqui can become a priest. Sometimes I would catch him singing "alleluia" in different tones. There is the high-pitched alleluia and the low-pitched alleluia. This sometimes is accompanied by a gesture with his hands mimicking a priest giving a holy water blessing.
Joaqui can become an accountant. I never thought that he was listening to me when I teach him how to count. Just the other night, he was counting by himself...wan, tu, three, por, payv, veven, eight, ten. Now, I think just like mommy, Joaqui isn't good in Math...skipping the numbers six and nine...hehehe.
Joaqui can become a broadcaster. He would recite the things or the words that he would hear from us (especially from me) like "no, no, no, no!", "ma na" (tama na), "nap na" (enough na).
I think that as Joaqui will grow older, it would be more and more difficult to sell sleep, but I am enjoying this mommy moment and I can't wait to discover more before-going-to-sleep routine with him.

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