July 20, 2008

kwentong yaya

The story as to why I was not actively blogging lately....
It has been a week now since I have fired yaya Rose, Joaqui's nanny since he was almost 1 month. It was not easy, but the reason did not come from us. Yaya Rose was a relative of our family friend and we knew her way back. She now has two daughters, one in high school and one in college. When her husband was forced to retire early, she approached my mom and was applying to be a yaya since she was not doing anything and to have an income. We finally got her after having three nannies who either couldn't really perform well or was just really not competent enough to take care of a baby. Yaya Rose lives near from us so she comes in the morning and then goes home in the evening. She is really good in taking care of children, I even leaned a lot from her. She also does some household chores when Joaqui as asleep and helps my mom in some housework. We did not treat her as a yaya, we treated her as one of us. Sometimes when we go out and eat, I also buy something for her daughters. We give her a gift when it's her birthday. We also give her daughters Christmas presents. When my mother-in-law comes to visit, she would give Yaya Rose pasalubong also. I was also not strict with her time. At first she comes in at 8 a.m. and leaves at 7 p.m. Recently before the schoolyear begins, she asked if she could come in at 11 p.m. and go home at 9 p.m. I reluctantly agreed because I needed her at that time, but still she never heard any complaint from us.
I just realized now that the problem began when her husband went to Saudi to work. When she started to work for us, we knew she was an active officer for the PTA in a public highschool in our place. I knew that every May, she has to take a leave for a week to help in the school during enrolment, but this year she asked for two weeks of leave. I agreed that she would not be in for two weeks, but on the day that she was supposed to come for work, she said that she had personal problems, she was always dizzy, etc. and she could not come in until the next week. Eventhough I am a work-at-home mom, I still need someone to look after Joaqui so that I can do my work, especially now that Joaqui is so active. She is aware of my situation and I have asked her before to avoid being absent because if I could not work, I do not have an income. These episodes of not coming to work have become more and more frequent that almost every week, she has one or two days of absences. The reasons would be her daughter has fever (eh hello...college na kaya yun di ba...?!), or she has LBM, etc., etc. The one time that I really lost my patience was when she asked for an advance and then she did not come for three days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)!!! She finally showed up only on Saturday and Sunday and then was absent again on Monday...arrrgghhhh! So I finally asked her...ako pa nag-ask...when she came in on Tuesday, she did not offer an apology or an explanation as to why she was absent on Monday. I asked her if she still wants to work for us, she just answered "ikaw ang bahala." I was waiting for more than that. I was waiting for her to say, "naku hindi naman, etc., etc..." So that was a signal for me that she does not want to work for us anymore. I asked her to stay for a month until we can get a replacement. She said she would give me until the end of July...o di ba sya pa nagbigay ng date. We had an agreement, which I thought we did. The following day she texted me saying her mother had an emergency and she could not wait until the end of July. Napamahal na daw yung bata sa kanya and ayaw daw nya maghiwalay kami ng ganitong paraan...duh?! We had an agreement until the end of July...she stil owed me money from her previous advances.
For a week, I was taking care of Joaqui and working at the same time. I do not know how I did it, but I did it. I was yaya-less but still working. What saddens me though is that hindi sya itinuring na iba. We treated her well. Everytime she has problems with money and she would come to me sometimes for a month's worth of salary as advance, she did not need to ask twice. I was thinking that because her husband is now working abroad that she does not need to work anymore...well I hope she is right. That's my kwentong yaya for now. She was a good yaya to Joaqui and I hope we could find someone as good as her.

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