September 20, 2008

party planning 201

Plans for Joaqui's 2nd birthday party...

VENUE: Even though Joaqui's 2nd birthday is three months away, I've already booked the venue. Just a side note, I thought that since it will be a Jollibee party, I would encounter no problems in reservations or in dealing with suppliers, but the Jollibee staff in Ever Ortigas proved me wrong. Since we anticipate that we will have more than 100 guests, I have been inquiring about getting 2 function rooms. When we inquired last August, a SMART personnel told us that to get 2 function rooms, a minimum of 15K for food expenses is required and the date of the party should fall on a weekday. I have contemplated on the dates since December 28 falls on a Sunday, but since it is important for us to get 2 function rooms, we decided to hold it on December 30 which is a Tuesday. When we went there two weeks ago, we were presented a higher requirement for food expenses (20K) and we were asked to wait for their December schedule since December is a peak month. We would have not been furious if the manager herself told us so, but we were accommodated by a crew who goes in and out of the manager's office to tell us the answers to our questions. I am an objective person and if in the first place they told us it would be impossible to book a party for December, I would have exhausted other resources. Long story short, I confronted the manager and detailed to her what I have been told by their not-so-SMART personnel and gave my reasons for booking this early, which is obvious because December is a peak season for everything. In the end, I got the date I wanted and confirmed our reservation.

THEME: Jollitown

FOOD: We already decided on our food choices from Jollibee's new party packages.

INVITES: At first I really wanted a more personalized invitation, but since hubby keeps on reminding me that it is a Jollibee party, we just got the themed invites included in their package.

ENTERTAINMENT: When we attended a Jollibee Meet-up and saw all five mascots (Jollibee, Hetty, Twirlie, Popo and Yum) dancing and entertaining the kids, we were excited to have them all in Joaqui's party. You get the idea ;) I also plan to hire a face painter.

VENUE DRESSUP: I still wanted to make it extra special by having extra balloon setup and tarpaulin for the venue. I have asked Jacque of Party Boosters to do this for us and no specific plans are still made.

CAKE: I'm not yet decided on this one because I am not quite satisfied with the Jollibee cakes. I am looking at possible cake suppliers and I'll see what we can come up to.

LOOTBAGS AND SOUVENIRS: Jollibee items care of my SIL who works in Jollibee. ;)

GUESTBOOK: I am thinking of having a personalized guestbook made.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Having had a professional photographer at Joaqui's 1st birthday party, we know how important it is to have someone capture those memorable moments during the party. Still looking for one that fits our budget ;)

I hope everything works out well for Joaqui's 2nd birthday party and we are so excited as our little boy turns two.

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