January 11, 2009


Hubby and I were out earlier this morning and met with my bestfriend Claire who will be going back to Canada. While waiting for her to arrive, we looked around at the department store because he wanted to buy a pair of new rubber shoes. I pretended that I have nothing particular that I like, but what he doesn't know was that I have already bought him a new pair of Merrell Mens Barcelona Shoes which I got at such an affordable price from a store in ShopWiki.

I like doing online shopping at ShopWiki because they have over 30,000 stores to choose from, which means finding the products you want at the best prices. Also you can learn about a product by simply watching video reviews that were created to detail the bad and good features of a product, which is essential in your selection. Another feature I like about is the many options for shopping search, like price, brand and retailer. For hubby's shoes, I knew he was particularly looking for the brand Merrell and so searching for the type of shoes I wanted to buy was a breeze.

While browsing through the site, I also found some really good boys dress shoes for Joaqui. I think he would really look cute on these. Meanwhile I am excited to give hubby my surprise gift for him. I think he will be elated to find out that I bought him the perfect rubber shoes he was looking for. ; )

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