January 24, 2009

random thoughts

No matter how many women are now successful in both their career and family life as well, a lot of people still has this mentality that women, especially moms, are better off at home taking care of their children. I just had this thought when recently someone saw how Joaqui would answer his questions, made the different animal sounds, sang and danced she commented that children are more bright and "bibo" when the mother herself takes care of her child.

I find this a little unfair for working women who have to leave their children under the care of a nanny or a relative. Although I'm a work-at-home mom, I still have a nanny to look after Joaqui while I'm working. The only difference I think is that I'm always there to supervise and we're not too dependent on our nanny.

It's not the amount of time that we have with our children that is important, but the quality of time we spend with them. So a working mom or not, how we communicate and guide our children is invaluable.


Con & Ednel said...

I soooo agree on this mami! as in!

Con & Ednel said...

ay mami, something to make u laugh :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7oGx2dImE8