January 23, 2009

cyber relationships

I used to be surprised if I found out a love story that bloomed out of just being pen pals, but now there are a lot of couples who have met through just being text mates, or through internet chat and while not all of them end up being together, it is interesting to know how people develop feelings for each other by reading text messages or chatting.

It is a reality that a lot of people meet other people, wherever they are on the planet, through the internet. I for one have met good friends through an online group and thankful that I have formed a bonding with other moms like me. Chat rooms are very popular ways of sharing personal information with a group of other users, and now chat rooms have been more specific with regard to gender and race, such as an Asian Chat Room, which is a forum geared for Asians to meet and chat. You can sign up here for free and start on seeing and talking to other people on the site.

There are many benefits of visiting chat rooms such as social interaction, support system, sharing resources and experiences, but of course, one should always take precautions in using the internet to give out pesonal information, as there are people who use chat rooms as a means of identifying potential victims. While chat rooms build confidence and manages loneliness, it is better to be well informed on chat room safety.

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