January 12, 2009

eat along and pictorial

Our eat along group striked again ; ) Our eating spree (that's what Concon calls it) had its recent activity last January 10 at Daddy Nap and Mommy Rhea's place in Quezon City. We were the first to arrive, having come from Valenzuela at my mother-in-law's place and Joaqui was left in Valenzuela. When we saw their spacious lawn, I felt a little bad that Joaqui wasn't there to play with the other kids. Mommy Ayn, Daddy Loy and Ibim wasn't able to come and they are missed. As always, we had a delicious dinner and the cold January air was warmed with laughters and stories about our children, family life and everything else in between.

Mommy Concon, Daddy Nel and Baby Joaquin all came in coordinated outfits and before we said our goodbyes, there was a mini pictorial of sorts. Each family had their pictures taken and since Joaqui was not with us, we posed ala prenup pictorial. We mommies thought we were prepared for every shoot, but then the daddies beat us this time.

Left to right: Nel, Jeff, Simon and Nap

Daddies in their holding hands pose.


Con & Ednel said...

i soooo love the shots! hay mami, we should do this more often! super enjoy talaga when im with you guys. pati si nel at home na at home :) haha! til the next pit stop! haha!

Anonymous said...

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Lady Prism said...

Looks like you guys had a lot fun! I can feel the groovy vibes jump from my screen:>

pretty bloggy' you have..I enjoyed browsing:)