January 5, 2009

joaqui's awesome 2nd birthday party

Everyone had a blast during Joaqui's 2nd birthday party and I was just happy that all the guests went home with a smile on their faces, especially the kids. All our hard work in making this party fun and entertaining paid off. We were surprised by the number of people who came to celebrate with us and it became a reunion for families and friends and indeed it was such a happy moment for our family.

All our suppliers delivered and made a great job in making Joaqui's 2nd birthday party not only successful but also awesome. To all our suppliers, family and friends - thank you for celebrating another of Joaqui's milestone with us. ; )

P.S. I will make another post for my supplier ratings soon.

Photos courtesy of RedSheep Photography


Jacque said...

sis, winner talaga at complete ang cast ng jollibee! as in! kahit natulog ang anak ko the whole time, kme nag enjoy superb! thanks! muah! congrats for pulling such a great party, and promise, kaw ata ang pinakamaraming guests na nakita ko for jollibee party. :)

SearchingWellness said...

Wow, you had all characters! Astig!