January 7, 2009

Joaqui's Joaqui-ness

We find it a little weird that Joaqui likes to watch The Living Asia Channel, which is an Asian travel and lifestyle channel that showcases the best of Asian destinations, finds, culture, cuisine, fashion, people, etc. in the Philippines and Asia. It all started when he was about a year and a half and I was watching something from this channel and since then, when we turn on the T.V., he says "Living Asia! Living Asia!" and when we tune in to Living Asia Channel, he can watch and sit still for more than an hour. He really watches intently as if he understands what tha narrator is talking about. Even if we try to trick him to saying that another channel was the Living Asia Channel, he knows that it isn't. He doesn't care much about anime or cartoons except for the ones from Nick Jr., but when I think about it, it is a good thing that at such a young age, he is interested in travel and culture.

Joaqui has a fascination with cross and church. He likes to go to church and watch the priest say mass (at least the first half of it because he now also wants to run and play inside the church!) and also listen to the choir's singing. Sometimes when he is playing by himself, he would sing Alleluia, Alleluia. He can imitate the priest holding up the Bible and blessing with Holy Water. It will really all make us laugh when he does this. Joaqui likes to look at anything with a cross in it - even some electric posts and TV antennas!

He cries when we go inside other people's houses except for my mother in law's, but every time we go into someone else's house he really cries and it takes time to sort of warm him up. There is that "period of adjustment" when he feels comfortable in going in a particular house, but when he has warmed up, he is in his usual happy self again. We've also noticed that he doesn't like too much attention from someone he doesn't know. He has to observe first and make the first move.

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