November 28, 2008

wearing the right tactics

Whenever me and hubby are in the car and driving, I often comment about the uniforms of our local police. Sometimes the colors really disgust me and I wonder if they are comfortable in those pants and shirt. Law enforcers should have the proper gear that are heavy duty and has high performance features, so that they will be able to move more freely especially when catching criminals or when they are performing critical police operations.

As far as I know, law enforcement agencies in the Philippines import pieces of equipment from the U.S. and it would really improve the image of our law enforcers if they also import 5.11 tactical pants which are ideal for every type of law enforcement job.

The 5.11 tactical series creates products that support the safety, accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, and what better way to start to uplift the image of our police than by having them to wear tactical pants from Tactical Pants USA, which is the sister web site to La Police Gear, Inc. They also carry the 5.11 tactical series of footwear, eyewear, polos and gear bag. Originally developed for rock climbing, our local law enforcers would greatly benefit from the patented tactical strap and slash pocket design of the 5.11 tactical pants. Our brave men and women of the law enforcement deserve to wear a functionally innovative gear built with durability, quality and value.

It is not only in movies where we can see a police or a soldier looking very confident and smart in their uniforms. Our policemen can also have the confidence they need if they have the experience and the gear to employ their tactics in combat or mission. Entrusting their protection in a brand that fosters outstanding service and low prices, not only the police men and women are safe, but as citizens we also feel secured in the knowledge that our law enforcers wears the confidence to protect us and maintain peace and order.

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Arjun said...

This is the comfort and ease of mind that 5.11 Tactical  gives you. From sturdy and stylish clothing to belts and

gloves, this place is the place to go. The goal of the 5.11 Tactical company is to provide the best rock climbing gear that’s the most durable, the easiest to operate, and on top of that, they make sure their gear is the best value as well. The reason this company has the name 5.11 is the fact that the hardest rock climbing difficulty is 5.11.