November 4, 2008

online Christmas shopping

Usually I am done Christmas shopping by November because I know how it can be overcrowded in malls as Christmas time nears, but now I have not done any shopping yet - at least in malls and department stores. I figured since I am doing most of my shopping online now, why not save myself from the inconvenience by doing online Christmas shopping at where I can shop to my heart's content without hurting my feet. It's like shopping across hundreds of stores at one convenient place from clothing, shoes, appliances and even electronics.

The fun of shopping includes looking through stores and brands, and finding the best deals, but it is more fun if aside from finding the perfect gift, I also get to save with coupons. has a coupons page for awesome promotions and incredible savings from some of my favorite stores like Skechers, JCPenny and Baby Center Store. In regular department stores, they do not give as much discounts because they are taking advantage of the peak season for shopping, but now I can take advantage of these coupons and rebates. Thinking about shipping fee? It's the least of my worries because I can get free shipping deals from participating stores such as Nordstrom, Royal Pottery and Crayola, making my online shopping experience as rewarding as ever.

And because not all good things last forever, I gotta hurry to get a chance to win an iPod Touch or a flat screen TV from contests and sweepstakes. Imagine winning a different prize every week from now until December 14 or even a cruise for two at the Cart Me Away shopping game! If only I could spend lots and lots of money on shopping and gifts galore. Anyway, I still can do online window shopping, but right now I can feast my eyes on the things I would love to have and gifts that I could give my Godchildren, relatives and friends for Christmas.

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Janice Lois said...

Interesting post.!! Well, I can't even imagine Christmas without shopping online.